Palm Beach House, 2001

The site is located on a cliff-top facing NorthEast and overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We were asked to design a house in which an entire family, complete with respective spouses, children and friends could come together and relax. This required finding a solution that met the needs for individual privacy and communal gathering, for more people than the average household.

The house consists of two separate pavilions, united by a beautiful courtyard. By splitting the building into two separate masses, we were able to reduce the overall impact of the building on the site.

The main living pavilion can easily adapt to changing climatic and physical needs but remains unimposing and transparent. The combination of timber steel and glass, with limestone flooring both inside and out, has created a relaxed, versatile and very elegant beach house. This design takes full advantage of this unique location whilst providing a level of comfort and luxury that makes entertaining a joy.


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