The existing single storey house was located at the lower end of the site, with a long drive down one side, and the pool on the other. The site faces due north and has beautiful filtered water views to Middle Harbour. The clients wanted a house that responded more to the garden and views, whilst providing a necessary improvement to the quality and quantity of accommodation.

It was decided to keep the basic envelope of the existing house, in order to save on building cost as well as take advantage of the siting of the original house to the northern end of the block. By removing the existing garage and driveway, a large part of the site was released to become garden and landscaping which provides a beautiful setting for the house and pool.

The use of steel structure allows the living area to open up and provide expansive views to the garden to the south and Middle Harbour to the North. The adjoining courtyard, is protected from strong North-easterly breezes, and overlooks the pool and garden.


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